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Culinary Concepts - Extra Small Tonto Lantern

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Get some Candle Couture in your life.This stunning tonto lantern will look fabulous in any living space. Why not move outside for the evening whilst entertaining guests at a party or BBQ and light your evening with style! Culinary Concept's Extra Small version of the Tonto Lantern is perfect for lovers of Culinary Concept's lanterns who may not have had space before!

Recommended Candle - 115 x 50 mm candle

This lantern is suitable for hanging.

Please ensure you ONLY use the recommended candle size for this lantern, shown above, and only one candle per lantern.

Additional Information

By Collection

Tonto Lanterns


Extra Small


38H x 10.5W x 10D cm


Stainless Steel and Nickel Plate

Gift Boxed



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