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Newgate - Scientist, Fire Engine Red Clock


The scientist’s clock, a concoction of seventies cool mixed up with contemporary slick. creamy silicone envelopes the sturdy acrylic drum cases. spun aluminium dials from British physics labs are the spark of inspiration leading the team to construct this contemporary apparatus. we spin the aluminium sheet dial to create the radial impression, using ink to print the various coloured dial components. the 24 hour numerals are printed in ‘fire engine red’ and ‘pebble white’, we developed the lacrosse hands for maximum balance and accuracy, coating them in contrasting complimentary colour, and installing them on a sweep clock movement, providing smooth rotation and near silent operation. the original scientist’s clock and the coolest clock to have in the home or office.


Code: SCIE308FER


Case colour: Silicone fire engine red


Case size: 37cm x 37cm x 4.6cm


Guarantee: The movements in all our clocks are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase, this does not include damage caused by misuse, tampering or battery leakage.

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