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Prices for Valuations

From time to time you may want to have your precious jewellery and possessions valued. This can be for insurance purposes, probate reasons or simply to find out what your valuables are currently worth. Determining the value of a piece of jewellery, a watch or an article of silverware requires a great deal of skill and experience. Whilst replacement value is often used by insurers as a measure for general household goods, most companies will want more details on high value items such as jewellery.

We can arrange a professional and independent valuation by our experts, who have an unrivalled level of expertise and are NAG Registered (National Association of Goldsmiths). They have valuation experience that ranges from contemporary through to antique pieces. Using their skill and detailed knowledge our experts will give you a detailed description, including a report and a written valuation. For this reason we may need to keep items for a short period of time. Whilst they are in our possession they are kept secure and are fully insured.

Prices for Valuations

We charge a fixed price for valuations based on price. This means we have no vested interest in the piece or its replacement value and promise you an unbiased opinion every time. Our prices are 1.5% of total value up to £5000 and 1% thereafter. All probate valuation work is charged at a flat 2% of value. There is a minimum fee of £20 on all valuations.

Losing or damaging a precious piece of jewellery can be distressing. You should always ensure that your jewellery is adequately insured and inform your insurer of its value. An independent valuation will give you some reassurance that you have taken precautions to protect against monetary loss. It will also give you proof of ownership in any future transactions or dealings. Insurance claims involving items that are covered by a valuation are usually more straightforward and likely to result in a quicker and much more satisfactory outcome for you.

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